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My guess regarding the thing about Thai babies being mostly carried is probably it's the same as in Viet Nam, my country. Babies there were also just carried by hands, too hot for carriers unless the mom is strictly the sole caretaker from morning til night, then she might fasten the child to her back so she could tend to her business. In cities and towns, babies get passed around, so an aunt takes him here, then a neighbor takes him in a 30 minutes, give him back to his mom in 10 minutes, pass him to grandma after meal, etc. etc... Lots of siblings carry their younger siblings around for hours at a time, switching from hip to hip, or sitting down when they get tired.


I'm enjoying these Thailand posts, but I'm suffering from severe beach envy. I love my life in Tokyo, but oh boy, I miss sandy white beaches!

PS: Those Japanese women in high heels and full make-up? I bet they were on their way to the beach. Their parasols and white armpit-length gloves and various other sun protection devices were in their giant Louis Vuitton beach bags. ;)

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